Fitness & Conditioning

Yomp UK - Fitness & Conditioning
Yomp UK - Fitness & Conditioning
Yomp UK - Fitness & Conditioning
Yomp UK - Fitness & Conditioning
Yomp UK - Fitness & Conditioning
Yomp UK - Fitness & Conditioning

Fitness and Conditioning Boot Camp Training

Kick start your New fitness campaign in to action with a military style boot camp fitness session. As well as purpose run Boot Camp weekends, try our Boot camp evening taster sessions in Petersfield in Hampshire. Or get our team to come to your company location and run a team building Boot camp Day….

All our instructors are ex military Physical Training Instructors, so be scared, be very scared!!

Training Course Location Price Date
Boot camp Fitness Taster Churches College £5.00 per person TBC 2014
Boot camp Fitness Weekend Surrey / Hants £175.00 per person TBC 2014
Boot camp Personal Training Session Petersfield Rugby Club £45.00 per person TBC 2014

Personal Fitness Training

Scott Heffield started Yomp shortly after leaving the Royal Marines, as a company just focusing on Personal Fitness Training. As with now, the market place was full of trainers, all looking to establish themselves in the industry and build a good client base. With the range of qualifications available and the number of colleges and organizations offering and churning out Personal Trainers, competition was and is still fierce. However, Scott built up a very strong client base in a short space of time and within a year he was already working with TV celebrities, writing a monthly health and fitness column for a magazine and had appeared in his first TV documentary on BBC 2. Scott says qualifications are essential but as important are experience, training and coaching styles, the variety of training you offer and of course personality. You must be able to encourage and motivate and this means being able to communicate to a high level.

YTC offer one to personal fitness training sessions and we can also negotiate small groups if preferred. We will travel to your home, local park or club or take you out and about for a run, cycle or swim. Our trainers are all qualified ex military Physical Training Instructors so don’t expect a soft and fluffy approach. The ‘no pain no gain’ mentality is not quite adopted. However, the training sessions are tough. Remember, we want you to achieve your goals; it will be interesting, invigorating and fun but, the hardest training you have ever participated in!

Group and Team Conditioning

It may be that you are training to climb a mountain for charity; perhaps you’re having a crack at a Marathon or just want to get in shape for that skiing trip. Either way, we can help. YTC can take you and your team on a specific training regime looking to develop not only strength, power or endurance but also leave you motivated and confident that you will achieve your aim. Achieving a level of fitness is one thing, but we will ensure that by the end of your training regime you have the right mind set and are also mentally tough which will lead to your success on for instance Mont Blanc, during Three Peaks Challenge or whilst running the London Marathon.

Sports Coaching

YTC can provide coaching in a range of sports for either teams or an individual looking for personal development. We can train at a local hall, club or sports ground and can provide coaching in the following areas:

  • Football / Rugby / Athletics
  • Cycling / Triathlon / Swimming / Running
  • Boxing / Judo / Combative Sport

We also provide master classes in specific skill areas for Rugby and Football. So, if you need specific one to one training in order to develop in your chosen sport, come and speak to us.

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