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Yomp UK - Conflict Resolution
Yomp UK - Conflict Resolution
Yomp UK - Conflict Resolution
Yomp UK - Conflict Resolution
Yomp UK - Conflict Resolution
Yomp UK - Conflict Resolution
Yomp UK - Conflict Resolution
Yomp UK - Conflict Resolution
Personal Safety is undoubtedly of paramount importance. Without it we fail to conduct our lives with confidence. We should all recognise the very real need to be more aware of our surroundings. Sadly, violence and disorder are on the increase and assaults are becoming more common place. Personal Safety training is of value to everyone.

Why not try a taster at one of our half day morning Self Defence Workshops! (Three hours). Learn to kick, punch, throw and break away from an attacker!

Courses Running This Summer:- email me now to book your place! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Training Course Location Price Date
Self Defence Workshop Surrey / Hampshire £39.95 Summer 2019
Self Defence Workshop Surrey / Hampshire £39.95 Summer 2019
Self Defence Workshop Surrey / Hampshire £39.95 Summer 2019
Self Defence Workshop Surrey / Hampshire £39.95 Summer 2019

YTC’s courses in this area can be tailored to the individual or, indeed, rolled-out company-wide. Typically, for large organisations or public sector groups, first waive attendees would be those operating in higher risk situations, ending with those encountering less risk.

Classroom subjects covered include: basic safety awareness, decision-making, law, danger and warning signs, security checks, personal searching and ‘fight or flight’ philosophy. Practical-based activity involves space awareness, movement and stance. Break away techniques, pushes and checks, pre-emptive strikes and the use of incidental weapons.

We do not have to become victims of crime. Awareness, self-confidence and training are the key.

CIEH – Certificate in Conflict Resolution

This is a one day course designed for anyone who faces any type of confrontation or conflict situation within their private or working life. It is a classroom based course which looks closely at the law, warning and danger signs, communication, awareness and avoidance. It teaches delegates how to deal with conflict and confrontational situations. The course has an assessment element and all successful delegates will receive a pass certificate issued by the Charted Institute of Environmental Health. This course would be ideal for door staff, security operatives and public sector workers.

Personal Safety Training

Personal safety workshops run as either stand alone sessions or as part of a training day. The modular based training includes:

  • Warning and danger signs
  • Fight or flight philosophy
  • Law and legislation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication and diffusion
  • Avoidance
  • Heightened awareness
  • Weapons input
  • Break away techniques
  • Pre emptive strikes
  • SPEAR defence
  • Searching
  • Control and restraint

These personal safety days are ideal for women’s groups, youth groups, businesses or vulnerable person groups, Awareness and training is the key.

Self Defence Training

Learn to kick, punch, throw and break away from a wood be attacker. This one day course is practical based with some classroom elements. Training can also be adapted in to two hour modules which can be integrated in to a training day. At the end of the day, delegates will have the opportunity to defend themselves in a realistic role play situation where the instructor attacks them whilst wearing a padded suit. This allows the delegate to strike out with full force against their attacker. Great realistic training!People have the right to protect themselves, others and their property and can use force to do so in certain circumstances, providing the force used is justified, proportionate and reasonable in the circumstances. YTC workshops in this area look closely at ‘The Use of Force’ and examine both Statute and Common Law. Areas covered include, Self Defense, The Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, The Criminal Law Act 1967 and the Human Rights Act 1998.

Lone Worker Training

Lone worker training is a half day work shop developed specifically for people who work alone or unsupported. It would be ideal for security operatives, delivery people, health professionals or indeed anyone who works out amongst the general public or at perhaps unsociable hours. The training includes a law input, safety awareness training and some physical activity including break away techniques. The awareness training is focused around specific areas ie:

  • Safety on the street
  • Safety in the home
  • Safety in a vehicle
  • Safety within a hostile or potential environment

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